Welcome to MP Jewels House

MP Jewels House founded since 2004, operating business in Penang, Malaysia. Dealing in sale of wide ranges of colored gemstones. Our mission is also to provide our customer for the best services. Majority of our business concept is to provide custom-made design jewelry to our customer and advise on how to use their suitable lucky gemstones with suitable name to enhance your life tremendously and also provide a gemological consultation and jewelry appraisal.

What we offer

We provide the following professional services


Gemstone testing & identification services.
(MP Jewels house lab)

Geomological Consultation.

Consultation on wearing a suitable gemstone to enhance your luck, relationship, career, chakras, auras, health & wealth.

Consultation on your lucky gemstones, suitable lucky name, lucky numbers and lucky colours.

Chakra checking & healing therapy.

Geomological Consultation.

Special custom made jewelry.

Gemstone sales & supply.

Are you wearing your lucky gemstone to enhance luck?

Planetary Gemstone

Want to choose more lucky gemstones?