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Edmand Tan Kah Yeow , RGA, RG, AJP (USA), PG (THAILAND), Crystal Healing Therapist ( UK ) has been involved in the gemstone business industry for more than 15 years.

In year 2003, Edmand Tan decided it was time to focus on the gemstones business on a full time basis. The very next year, he started MP Jewels House in Penang , Malaysia . MP Jewels House specializes in sales of colored gemstones with a mission to provide the best services to their customers.

MP Jewel House provides custom-made design jewelry to their customers and the most importantly is to advise them on the use of suitable lucky gemstones, lucky number, lucky colors, suitable names and suitable gemstones for healing to enhance our luck, health and life. MP Jewel House also provides gemological consultation, gemstones Identification, chakras checking and therapy.

Over the years, Edmand has done a lot of research and study on gemstones, as well as the use of gemstones to enhance personal luck and fortunes. This has become one of his key strengths and in fact, he has become a source of reference and consultation by others in the gemstones industry.

In year 2007, Edmand Tan has been awarded a "Planetary Gemologists" title from PGA Thailand and very few people qualified and obtained this title world-wide.

Always seeking to improve his knowledge and area of expertise, Edmand Tan has invested in further professional studies including advance level gemology study from USA , Thailand and UK . His string of professional qualifications in gemology, appraisal, gems vibration and therapy is indeed impressive. Edmand Tan is also a member of the GIA Alumni Association (USA), AIGS Alumni Association (THAILAND), PGA ( THAILAND ) and SNSH ( UK ).

Edmand Tan is a very experienced gemologist with a proven track record. He is certainly someone you can trust to give you the best advice on your choice of gemstones, and provide you with quality work.

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Edmand Tan Kah Yeow



RGA - Registered Gemologist Appraiser ( USA )

RG - Registered Gemologist ( USA )

PG - Planetary Gemologist ( THAILAND )

AJP - Accredited Jewelry Professional ( USA )

SNHS Dip. - Crystal Healing Therapist ( UK )

Certificate In Feng Shui (S'PORE)


A Member of GIA Alumni Association (USA)

A Member of AIGS Alumni Association (THAILAND)

A Member of PGA (THAILAND)


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