Synthetic Gemstones


What is A Synthetic Gemstone

Synthetic gemstone is the gemstone created at laboratory using the same chemical composition as a natural gemstone material. We can also named as "Lab Created Gemstone". Synthetic gemstone have same appearance, physical, optical characteristics, crystal system and constant as its natural counterpart. However, synthetic gemstone is not an "imitation" and "stimulant" due to imitation may not have same chemical composition as a natural gemstone material. The synthetic gemstone floating in the gemstone market is more than 100 years ago. Just to be aware, if you have some heirloom gemstones or jewelleries from your grandparent, sometimes it could be possible a synthetic gemstones and not a natural. A lot of "synthetic", "imitation" and "stimulant" gemstones selling in the current jewelry market, such as synthetic quartz, all type of synthetic sapphires, synthetic diamond, synthetic jadeite, synthetic chrysoberyl, synthetic tanzanite, synthetic aquamarine, synthetic ruby, synthetic emerald, synthetic opal, synthetic moissanite, synthetic amber, synthetic spinel, synthetic lapis lazuli, synthetic turquoise, synthetic alexandrite and "more and more" type of synthetic gemstones in the market.

Belows are some of the synthetic and stimulant gemstones for your reference to enhance some of your knowledges : -