About Feng Shui


The literal translation for Feng Shui means Wind and Water. The purpose of feng shui is a complete harmony among us and sensitivity with the natural order. Feng Shui has developed into a refined art used to enhance our luck and well being by practice of modifications of layout and orientation of our working and living places.

Chinese believe that feng shui covered three kinds of luck to us, which are :

  • The luck you make on your own called Ren Chia
  • The luck that are bestowed to you by heaven upon your birth called Tian Chia
  • The benefit things that come from your environment called Earth Luck

  • We can affect our earth luck and not heaven luck by practicing of feng shui Yin and Yang are two opposite forces active in our surrounding of our living. It changing combination of negative and positive keep the environment spinning creating Qi and Cosmic force that effect our daily living.

    The union of Yin and Yang was said to have given birth to the Five Elements influence our life and feng shui revolves around the understanding of the relationship of the five elements, there are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

    The five elements are interactive which stimulate and shape our life and importantly there is a natural order that leads us to harmony, prosperity and happiness.