Chakras and Gemstones


The chakras are seven major centres within each level of the aura, joined together at our body intervals along the spine. They are moving, absorbing energy all the times. The chakras are part of our bio-energy system. The electro-magnetic energy circulating our body stimulates various glands and maintaining hormonal balance and affecting our whole physical metabolism.

The seven main chakras are called Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown. When our body chakras are good with no blocking energy, it means that our physical body is healthy. When our chakras are blocking or absorbing bad energy, it may cause our physical illness.

Another one important chakra, we called as 8th chakra, which is Thymus Gland. This 8th chakra’s function is to increase our body immune system.

Gemstones is a mineral contains of all different material of chemical composition and atoms and its taken millions of years to crystalise and formation as crystal structure in the earth. When a mineral kingdoms are mine out from earth, they receives a life force energy from the sun and other planetary sources. They emit powerful vibration and frequencies that affect our whole body and can heal, balance and attune our body, mind and spirit.

When our chakras are blocking or absorbing bad energy life force, gemstones is also the important and effectiveness sources to balancing, emitting benefit energy and clearing bad energy from our body’s through our chakras.