Gemstones Healing and Planetary Gemstones


As I mentioned before, all gemstones have their own universal life force energy, it is an effective healing properties to improve certain health problem and balance our body, mind, spirit, emotion and aura.

One of the effectiveness sources to improve our health problem, auras and balance our body, mind and spirit are by wearing suitable gemstones and receives a life force energy and vibration through the sun and other planets.

Another effective method is practicing through meditation by using gemstones. Please note that do not simply meditate without a proper guidance and procedure.

Gemstone water and gemstone essence also a good effect for the healing therapy purposes.


According to ancient Astro-Numerology, natural gemstones transmit and resonate astral and piezoelectric powers. However, only good quality (Jyotish) and acceptable quality of gemstone can promote good fortune and vibration by the planets, while bad quality (Doshi) of gemstone have opposite effect.

Ancient gemological texts of Indian explanation, white light is composed of seven colours and two invisible colours blended together, there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, the others two invisible colours are ultra-violet and infra-red. They are actually cosmic colours of each planet.

According to our date of birth, our body can grasp only certain planetary vibrations. So by wearing the planet specific suitable gemstone, the malefic rays get filtered out and only benefit rays are allowed to enter to our body. The suitable gemstone can neutralize and allow our body to get only a balanced quantity of benefit rays and causing the planets to produce only good effect to us.

By wearing a suitable specific planetary gemstone is to enhance our individuals to alive with better life and luck as well as protection. Again, we are not changing anyone’s “Karma”.

If you are interested to know more about how to improve your AURA, LUCK, CHAKRAS. You may consult me by fixing an appointment.