Working With Subtle Energy and Aura

Working With Subtle Energy & aura

Life is a vibration. All mineral, plant, animal or human has its own form of vibration. When life giving white light flows through us, connecting us to the universal life force that we are alive and in perfect health and this life energy is well for many healing systems.

Chinese, we called it as “CHI” while Indian Ayurvedic system called it as “PRANA”. When this light energy is blocked and disharmony is caused between the body, mind and soul and a state of disharmony or disease follows. The main things of blocks of energy are caused by our stressful lifestyle, bad diet, lack of natural light, negative thoughts and various of pollution.

What is a “AURA”?

In fact, the word aura comes from the Greek word meaning a breeze. The aura is a two-way transmitter and receiver connecting us to the vibrations surrounding us. The aura forms an oval envelope around the physical body for our greatest protection. When our body becomes weak, our aura will becomes de-energized and it may cause mental or emotional imbalances or eventually become physical illness.

The aura is made up of three major layers extending outwards from the physical body. Which are the physical, etheric, astral, mental bodies and spiritual body.